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ab-dressLa Estancia Bella is a family owned business, started by Maricela Rodriguez Barr and her daughter, Lauren Barr Petty. Searching far and wide for the perfect venue for Lauren to get married, they decided to design, build and create their own. The idea being to craft a place where clients could create their own personal, unique and special events without all the restrictions. To truly establish a place where not only the bride and groom are whisked away by their wedding vision, but to extend a truly memorable experience to each and every one of their guests.

A Family Tradition of Builders

With both parents architects, it seemed logical to embark on this endeavor. Dad was retired and Mom had vision. They teamed up with Gary and Jamie at JQ, inc., one of the preeminent structural engineering firm in Texas, for the design of the exposed cedar trusses supporting the high roof of the reception hall. This 6500-SF grand reception hall with performance stage anchors the venue’s facilities. Along with an outdoor gazebo, amphitheater seating, the nearby remodeled ranch house and private guest house for all to enjoy.

ab-bootsWhat made the project special was the participation of so many family members and friends directly in the planning, design and construction. From my fiancé Phillip’s experience working for a Commercial HVAC company to our dear friends who own a plumbing company to our longtime employees and subcontractors; the realization of the concept was very special. My 90 year-old grandfather even worked on the gazebo and brother finished the stage the night before my own wedding!

Our Promise

Our knowledgeable team understands the success of your dream wedding is all in the details. From exceptional cuisine and exquisite wedding cakes to extravagant floral arrangements, your wedding will be an unparalleled experience in elegance from our first meeting until you’re whisk away on honeymoon.

Clients are given a pallet of country elegance, inspiring architecture and natural surrounding beauty of the Texas Hill , including grazing of the unique Texas Longhorns to create their stunning success. Our goal is to provide a unique and memorable experience not only for the engaged, but their guests as well!